ACAR Promotes REALTORS at Home Remodeling Expo

By Design Login posted 03-21-2016 00:00


ACAR’s booth at the Cleveland Home Remodeling Expo provided maximum exposure for REALTORS with 20,000 plus consumers in attendance.

The ACAR booth had steady traffic with much interest from consumers planning to sell a home, help a son or daughter purchase a home, consumers looking for commercial space to start or expand their small businesses. Many other homeowners had general questions about how to determine the current value of their homes, and what projects our volunteer REALTORS thought would add the most value to their home.

We are also delighted to be welcoming some new Affiliate members. These affiliated business owners immediately saw the value in networking with our more than 5,200 REALTOR members. In fact, many of these potential new Affiliates had been wondering just how to network with our REALTOR members.