Advocating for you: ACAR Legislative Update

By Design Login posted 10-18-2018 00:00


advocacy-v5-166x120.jpgACAR members and staff continued efforts to promote #HomeForAll throughout northeast Ohio. Covering topics from rental policies to Fair Housing and tax reform, we are reminded how the government is involved in every part of the real estate transaction.

As we prepare for the upcoming General Election, the RPAC Trustees want our members to know who the 2018 Realtor Party candidate, or RPAC supported candidates, are. The ACAR trustees spent nearly 30 hours reviewing dozens of candidates running for mayor, county council or executive, and higher offices. A full list of the supported candidates is available at this link.

Dean DePiero has officially joined ACAR as a part-time consultant to assist with our advocacy efforts. Although our Government Affairs team does a good job, we need you, too!

Over the last several weeks, ACAR shared many concerns regarding the Cuyahoga County reappraisal process; rental gouging in University Heights; and are currently reviewing a proposed ordinance in Lakewood “repealing Section 516.01 and Section 510.01, Discrimination Prohibited, of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Lakewood and enacting a new section in its place to include source of income as a protected class as well a definition for the term source of income.” We have also been monitoring progress that a Housing Task Force is making in Parma. We have also recently formed a small work group to review and recommend to our Legislative Committee a position on short-term rentals, as several area cities either have or are considering regulating property owners utilizing their properties in such a manner.

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