Supra Electronic Lockboxes and Keycards

About Supra eKey

iPod Touch with eKey

This key system is one of the most comprehensive, and abundant electronic lockbox systems. The GE Supra electronic lockbox system provides tremendous benefit over older and less advanced keysafe tools.

The electronic lockbox system offers the showing realtor the ability to share listing data to the listing agent to expedite the process of selling the home.

The realtor has the ability to gain access to the listing and the selling realtor is able to transmit their contact information, opinions from those who looked at the house, and any specific data to the supra electronic lockbox where it will be transmitted to the agent that owns the listing. This information can then be used by the agent to update their sales strategy to get the listing sold more quickly.

eKEY Basic Features

  • Wireless Updates and Alerts
  • Obtain Listing Keys
  • Keep track of all your key boxes right from your phone
  • Manage and Program your keyboxes
  • Easily place and remove keyboxes from listings using your phone
  • Change your own shackle codes
  • Supra eKEY Adapter – The Supra iPhone Adapter plugs into the 30 pin dock connector. It adds Infrared to the iPhone. It is designed to hang from a key chain when not in use. When you are ready to show a house, just slide it out of its cover, and plug it into your
  • All electronic keycards leased through the Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors(R) (ACAR) Office fall under designated counties, which include LORAIN, CUYAHOGA, MEDINA, SUMMIT, PORTAGE, LAKE, GEAUGA, STARK, CARROLL, COLUMBIANA, MAHONING, TRUMBULL and ASHTABULA. If electronic keycards are used out of these areas, they will only register the keycard serial number; they will not register the agent’s name, company, etc.


How it Works

With eKEY software, use your iPhone as your lockbox key. eKEY updates wirelessly so you can do business anywhere.

There are two service levels available: eKEY Basic which provides basic keybox functions. eKEY Professional adds MLS data saved to your phone, links Google maps to the listings, and delivers showing details to your phone.


The Supra ActiveKEY™ is designed to be active and ready to open lockboxes when you go to use it.

The ActiveKEY updates itself automatically and sends information about showings to the Supra network using its cellular radio. Showing notices are also delivered to the ActiveKEY over cellular networks or to an optional email address so a listing agent can know right away when a property has been shown.

The easy-to-read display window and the backlit keypad make it easy to use the ActiveKEY even in low light. A built-in flashlight illuminates dark doorways and entrances.



The iBox™ is the original Supra infrared keybox. Infrared technology allows ActiveKEYs, and smartphones* to access the listing keys stored in the iBox key container. Real estate agents can simply point and beam their ActiveKey or eKEY™ enabled smartphone at the iBox to interact with it.

Each time an iBox is opened, both the key and iBox record the date, time and the identity of the keyholder. The information is delivered to Supra’s secure database and can be obtained using SupraWEB. The listing agent can also read the iBox to view recent access information.

The iBox offers the ability to customize showing hours. Another option may be set to require all showings be prescheduled with the listing agent. Currently our boxes are preset to Fall/Winter Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Spring/Summer Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

*Many smartphones require the use of an eKEY Fob or eKEY Adapter to access the iBox.

Requirements for Leasing a Key

Requirements for Leasing an Electronic Keycard:

  • Agents must be REALTOR® members in good standing with a Real Estate Board in Ohio.
  • Keycards can be leased at ACAR, Lake & Geauga Assoc., Medina County Assoc, or at Lorain Cty. Assoc.
  • Agents need to make arrangements with the above listed offices to come in to lease their electronic keycards.

General Information for Leased Keycards:

The electronic keycards are leased from GE/Supra. The usage fee is paid semi-annually (April to October and October to April).

Electronic keycards are leased to individuals agents (no office keycards.). There is a $100.00 fine for a first offense and a $1,000 fine for a second offense if agents are found to be sharing their keycards.

If an agent decides not to continue using their electronic keycard, it must be returned. GE/Supra will not refund any unused portion of the keycard. GE/Supra will continue to bill an agent who has a keycard still assigned to them, whether or not they are using the leased keycard or not.

Contact ACAR

To join the system, visit Callme, Inc. at ACAR

9100 South Hills Blvd., Suite 150
Broadview Heights, OH 44147

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Contact Jane Shubert
Phone: (216) 525-4837